I can’t believe I’ve made it this far and actually finished the project. There were plenty of days when I questioned what I was doing and why I was making myself do this for no reason other than to challenge myself. Half of the pictures I’ve posted I hate and don’t know what I was thinking but that was all part of the process. I learnt that taking a photo doesn’t have to be a big deal or decision, just to take photos of where I am and whatever I’m thinking/doing at the time can become my art.

Finished. The end. DONE!!!


2 thoughts on “365/365

  1. Josh, Congratulations! hardly seems sufficient to convey the enjoyment I have taken away from your work in the last year. Your talent is raw, creative and uniquely you. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Happy new year.

  2. Well done, you’ve finished a year I knew you would !
    You are a very talented young man, and you will learn more and gain new skills with every year that passes, your photography is extraordinary you have a real eye!
    Use your talent to fulfill your dreams don’t ever waste it,
    I am so proud of you !!

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